A new old one

A old story told in a new way. Like me, who was a child by the time I heard the old one, the old story is for sure a story for children. But this new one is a grown up. I see that even the “adults” can learn from fairy tales.

Maleficent is a fantastic movie, specially if you are familiar with the old tale of the sleeping beauty. The simplicity of it got me really hard. I think they put a little of everything for a fairy tale with great feeling. Can’t say that there’s too much of this or that. Equilibrium.

The story itself, when compared to the original, is a winner. The title change is very accurate, after all we’re not listening a tale about a princess but we’re being told a tale about a fairy who struggles within human feelings and yet can find the way to fight the dark ones.

Great time for me.



Love. The end.

Love. The end. This is what I get from this book.

Deeper thoughts? Use love to fulfill your soul’s holes.

A woman with the “perfect” life. That one the system is selling to us since the beginning. What more she needs? To fill the void.

It’s easy.

Some sex with a handsome man which is not her husband. Not much of a epic story, but with a simple flow and nice reading.

The way the woman tell us the story, as it is told in first person by the protagonist, fits great to think about the events in a more personal view.

As the other Paulo Coelho book I read this year (O Aleph), I can’t say this a bad book, but not the best from the author.

Good call if you’re looking for a easy reading.



The death guys are out, and dead, and I killed them!! Oh…wait…well, anyway, I killed the death angels, reapers, maidens, ghosts, spirits, and whatever moves. The expansion of Diablo 3 made me like this franchise again. I really didn’t pay much attention to the story, I was eager to see the Adventure Mode and to get the legen…dary loot!

The game got back in it’s series roots, with all that gore, dark, scary environment, where you don’t feel bad of being bad.

Some revenge here and there. Some philosophical aspects here and there, like “Only death will end the eternal conflict”, by the reaper angel, Malthael.

After the not-so-short-but-could-be-longer campaign, I could enjoy the click-dead-loot fest. Very, very nice mode, simple quests, kill things, grow your levels, grow your gear, grow your skills, grow the difficult, have fun and done!

I’m hoping to get the console version to get the fabulous no-lag-screw-the-lame-internet-connection version of this (now) awesome game!

See you in the death realm!

Reaper of Souls
Reaper of Souls