Birth Burial

2 short stories with shorter gameplay. But with a lot of artistic details and story connectors.

Not much a noir feeling as they sold it, but with cool new things to do, especially the second part. There you should act like a rogue, and it feels great for me.

Both parts, for me, felt like they could be way longer. I think it’s because this series has so much lore that I wanted it to never ends.

I felt I little confused with so much “tears” and alternative versions of the same person, but at the end it makes sense.

Good additions to the main game.

Bioshock - Burial at the Sea
Bioshock – Burial at the Sea

The two of us

I think that we need to be selfish. As every other thing in life, we just need to balance it.

Why save the whole “mankind” so that all the struggle would come back in a rush?

I choose to stay with the ones I care. The others please stay away.

With beautiful scenarios, the story of Joel and Ellie may not be the most epic, but for sure has its “thing”. The thing that hook you until the end. I could see those two growing together, see them looking after each other more and more.

Worth every penny spent on it.

If a sequel won’t be released, I think it’s not a problem. The story begins and ends. That’s what I liked the most. You start, you strive, you end it.

Best moment: “Come here, baby girl”.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us


My daaaarrling! Hewie! Fiiiona!

To be a scared girl in a crazy spooky castle with more crazy people haunting you it’s fucking nice. You can fell the panic, even more with the panic system gameplay they put in. And not being able to see the level of health and or panic with bars and meters makes it more distressing.

The story is not that deep, as we see in Silent Hill for example, but for sure has its own mystery and makes you keep going to see how it ends.

Loved this game. This ‘old’ style of making survival horrors is so cool, specially because you don’t feel overpowered, but the opposite. You really have to run to the hills!

The pet helping and the pet able to be used to finish puzzles is also cool. I think Hewie is the real hero here.

I’d love to play this game in HD, I hope that one day Capcom will release it on PSN, like Resident Evil 4 HD.

Run Fiona, RUN!

Haunting Ground
Haunting Ground

And the dust settles

I love simple things. Dust an Elysian Tail is a simple game with a simple story, a simple gameplay, simple protagonists and it’s simply awesome!

Can you imagine a being made of the souls of two others? And it still be a third unique one? But what you do when you start to discover what you’ve done and where do you came from? And being from 2 opposing sides of a war? And both sides call you a good friend, a loyal partner?

The devs made a brilliant work. It’s kind of a peace of cake if you learn how to kill things fast. Puzzles are really easy, can’t even call them puzzles.

As I’m in love with 2D platform games right now, this one was a head shot.

The anime alike design felt so great, even with the silly humor from the flying fox.

A nice short simple tale.

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Dust: An Elysian Tail