For the love of death

Love stories die hard, don’t they?

Add a mexican spice, a magnificent beauty colored environment, a huge fighter, a demon, dead people, spirits, co-op gameplay, a chicken, a lot of chickens and the best of it: the goat man.

Oh how I laughed with the goat man, so funny.

I’m loving these “new” age of 2D platformer games, so cool to play and with solid stories.

It has a beautiful end, really worth playing.

Sometimes the game is a little tricky and your skills will be put to test with some mechanics. Real platform challenges.

One day I’ll have to try it in a couch coop style.

The picture below is from my gameplay, I love this scene. A very nice work of colors. A piece of art.

I just discovered that there are alternative endings, but the one I got I think is the best, because it’s darker.

Adelante luchador enmascarado!