Ape don’t kill Ape

What a nice story about apes and men. You can relate that to the “tribes” we have in the real world. Every tribe has its rules, its ways and no-ways, but we just one individual to mess up everything, only one.

Sounds weird to me apes talking almost like humans, but I imagine that if the movie was made only with “natural” communication between the apes it would be so fucking boring. Maybe it would be like a discovery channel show plus guns and falling towers.

I didn’t watch the other movies, but it’s nice because this is the beginning of everything, so bring it on!

The acting voice for Ceasar is so great, especially after I found out that a guy made it, not a computer.

And those big gorillas with the ass face, those are scary!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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I like things that tell me a story. Games, movies, books, music, etc. Having a good time with a story is something that I really appreciate.

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