A lipstick to the head of trepidation

After a workday, nothing better than put a skinny leather suit, grab some guns, a katana and blow some animal-like angels who think that can rule the world.

Yeah, Bayonetta is a hell of a witch. With so much sense of humor and sexist jokes, she may win your heart in a heartbeat. A glimpse of her and you are jaw dropped.

Like her male counterpart, Dante, she kicks the ass of some giant “angels” and you just get more and more turned up to beat all of them.

The music, oh the music, such a different soundtrack. Makes a good contrast with the enemies design, the environment and even with the witch.

I’d probably be buying the sequel, even if this meaning buy a whole new video-game system just for one game. Damn those business strategies.

I think a witch just made some witchcraft with me.


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I like things that tell me a story. Games, movies, books, music, etc. Having a good time with a story is something that I really appreciate.

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