Chopping heads

Ow yeah, feels so nice to play 2D plat-action games again. Small compromise of my time, nice story, fluid movements, heads flying, blood all over the place and a very good challenge.

To save your place from scumbags and drug lords why not get a chainsaw, some machetes, a gun and start killing everyone???

Even being a female with all the long hair, nice boobs and extra flexibility.

See, shoot, chop, kill, move on. Repeat. Fat/Large/Boss guy? Dodge incoming, shoot, chop, grab, kill, move on.

From the devs that made Mark Of The Ninja (one of my all time favorite), and I believe that Shank series came before MOTN, this is a simple, fun, engaging game. And I didn’t even tried the co-op wave-survival mode. Would be pretty fun to try, but I’ll do that later.

Simple fun. Worth the price.


Honored Killer

Sometimes you just want to stick your knife through your nemesis throat. Unseen could be a premise, but the important thing is to get things done.

A game that rewards exploration, reward non-assassin rush and a hell of patience on trying to be a ghost is a very nice game. Fun, strategy, guts flying, tension, decisions, little girls in danger, lurking in the shadows, and I could go on.

I admit I was hoping for a darker environment, more realistic graphics and a pretty killer mood for the game, but turns out that even without that, the game hooked me for 5 days in a row.

Now I have to face the DLCs, but not today, I`ll wait for a rainy day when I got no new games to try (maybe never, lol).

I liked to be Corvo.

Shadow of fun

Slaying monsters, what a nice thing to do. May it be your personal demons or just ugly pixels in the screen. Never felt so rewarded by doing digital slashes on green moving beings.

With a story that only worth the last minutes, you can pretty much use this game to relax and enjoy the endless horde of stupid orcs dying around you.

The view is also enjoyable, a small world, but beautiful and not too complex.

A easy and really fun game.

The fun to rule them all.