I’m not a vampire

Well, one of all time best games I’ve ever played. Colors, humor, explosions, challenge, strategy, loot, and much more.

What shines upon this game is when you can gather with friends on the real world to enjoy either co-op and pvp. Never had so much fun with my brothers, with ages ranging from 10 to 30.

Magicka is so simple and at the same time can become so complex. A wide range of possibilities, even without the dlcs.

I recommend this to everyone who likes to have fun with a couch coop. I think I never laughed so much while playing a game.


The apartament

Going on the sequence of the beloved Silent Hill series, the fourth entry of the series was a new breeze.

First person perspectives, a HQ, a stash, a follower that can kill shit, new places. Yeah, I really liked this one.

I don’t know why they didn’t put this one in the HD remix.

The stiff main character still there, lot of mysteries still there, intriguing plot still there, horrible monsters still there. But now I have an apartment of my own! And the apartment loves me! How cute??? A lot! Especially when it tries so hard to kill you!

Damn! I love this kind of games.

Hey bats

“Heya, Bats”. Playing this “I wish I was a stealth-action-dark game” was fun. Nothing really impressive, I almost let it go. It could have more of stealth-catch-you-by-the-ass scenarios or more ways to use all the bat-arsenal.

The devs had a bat-belt of possibilities but only near the very end you start to use all the features that can be used by the dark knight. Too simple.

Too much of “Go from A to B, watch cutscene, go back to B, find a hole and get out”. The combat is pretty dull against 3 to 5 opponents, and the big guys have only one mechanic that make them bite the dust. Only the last fights felt like “Yeah, this is challenging”. And the bosses? Only one worth the title of “boss”, and a hot one!!! Yes, I would kiss Ivy.

The collectibles are a pretty neat addition, lots of info and very nice for people who like to know the basics from the Bat-story. The cutscenes are pretty good, the voice acting too.

Graphically talking it is damn awesome. Nice work. Shame a spent too much time in detective mode and couldn’t appreciate more of the real visuals.

Now I gotta jump to the next chapters, I’m full of Joker and his jokes, let’s beat more shit up.