The Executioner

The (many) Evil Within

So, steam sale (yay!) gotta grab some sugar, baby. Actually, some blood and gore!! Really, more like some stealth suspense aaaaaand at the very end, yay, CARNAGE!!!

The first dlc of the evil within feels more like an survival game than the core one. Kidman has only a flashlight and has to sneak around all the fucking time. The story is now being revealed and the pieces seems to clue to glue together nicely. I really liked this and it is way more paced than the main game.

Later, Kidman still trying to shutdown everything and she finally got a gun. Now I fell way less vulnerable. Although I kinda digged the first part, when I needed to be the sneaky peaky hero. This felt so much like the Bioshock Infinite DLCs, where they wrapped up the story end with a woman in stealth gameplay. Now I know the whole story and this a nice one. Kinda cliche with all the “bad/evil” big company trying to do some cruel actions here and there. Still, a fine modern survival horror that was missing from this generation.

For the end, a very nice option!!! Now we are the EVIL!!!! Loved to smash zombies head with a meat hammer!!! Blood everywhere!! A very simple upgrade system with some level of grind gameplay. Also another complementary story that is interesting and keeps you playing.


The Assignment
The Assignment
The Consequence
The Consequence

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I like things that tell me a story. Games, movies, books, music, etc. Having a good time with a story is something that I really appreciate.

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