Beware the tuurngait

After I’ve played Amnesia – The Dark Descent, horror games don’t seem to put me to high levels of tension.

But this is from the company that made Amnesia, so it is supposed to be good.

And it is!

Not that scary and suspense builder, but story driven good. For me, at very moments, I could see where newer games got their stuff from.

Not a game that I’ll be playing again in a nigh future, but worth every nickel.

Now I’ve got to jump to the last part. The game was planned to be over by this chapter, but they made one more, so I will be playing it!


Hail King Ragnar

A tv series with one episode that made me cry. That same episode made look stupid. The character of the show made me look like a fool.

Hail king Ragnar!

This series is one of those that is somehow unique. Maybe it’s the storyline that don’t become slow paced, wandering over infinite little arcs that overlap in time, or maybe because IT’S FUCKING VIKINGS DOING VIKING STUFF!!!

Odin! Axe! Blood! Sex! Ale! Feast! What more can be said? What more is needed??

Okay, let us try a farmer who wants to see the world and is cleaver enough, smart enough to become not only earl, but king, even when he doesn’t aim for that. And them let us try that almost everyone want his position and will fight him, commit treason against him, raid his property and much more going on.

All time favorite already! Anxious for the next season!