Invisible Fun

I’m not found of turn-based games, but this one I’ve tried just for the sake of it being made by Klei. At the end of 4 or 5 days I’ve played it straight forward. The story is pretty simple but it is so well voiced and picturized, just like Mark Of The Ninja – the game that made me like Klei a lot.

So, if I haven’t got all the other “stationary” games waiting to be played, I would replay this one, for sure.

Also, I played it on my 4th gen Core I3 Intel HD 4400 hooked up on a Full HD monitor (game running at 1080), smooth at all times. This is so nice, because even with all AAA titles showing up, a very very nice game like this being able to run on integrated graphics is something I enjoy.

After the game is finished for the first time, it opens a new game+ mode with more options, agents, customizations and such.

Well, stealth + strategy + colorfull things + character and team building = hellyeah, bravo!