Assassin’s Creed Unity. A giant mess when first arrived, a beautiful experience in the end.

Even against the odds, all the bugs, glitches, bad reviews, bad story (for real), it’s still so nice to run around old Paris and kill and assassinate, and kill and assassinate one more time.

The work the devs put on this game is amazing, the most beautiful scenario I’ve seen so far. Sometimes just running on top of Paris’ houses and other buildings was enough for me to feel the game.

The story is too simple for me enjoy and the only thing I could appreciate was the gorgeous red hair girl.

Being this one the first Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played I can say it’s worth in a sale (the way I got it btw) and your computer can handle all the beauty.

I’ll enjoy going back to Paris again to play the DLC.


Right, Watson?

Well, Holmes did find the Fountain of Youth! In this new entry, Sherlock Holmes got a little less age. Watson too. They both are looking slick!

Holmes also got a visit from his “daughter” (Moriarty’s orphan offspring).

The series never looked so good with all shiny graphics.

The cases are pretty simple to investigate, but the moral decisions and catching the right person is somehow trick.

Putting it in comparison with the previous game I’ve had the pleasure to play (The Testament of Sherlock Holmes), it is less dense and misteryous, but is filled with new action scenes, new mechanics and a very nice clue and deduction system.

Felt somehow short, but I enjoyed playing it.

“Right, Watson?”