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Game – Remember Me

Sometimes, when I think a game can be a pretty good one, but have some major flaws, I try do research around it. And in the case of Remember Me I’ve found the issue. The game had it’s developement cancelled and picked up by another publisher. The game clearly shows what it meant to be, but also shows what the new publisher changed, and it almost became a hell boring game.

Starting as a Cyberpunk RPG, focused on philosiphical discussion about human memories, losses and deep fellings, it endend as a action button-smash-betean-up with some really small and uninspiring puzzles.

The art, the environments the details about the world, the dialogs, the conclusion, all of this saved this messed up game. It’s so beautiful to just walk around and appreciate the view (for the ones who enjoy this futuristic cyberpunk theme), engange with the npcs and such.

But the fighting, oh gosh, the fucking fighthing. It’s boring! Only 4 possible combos???? Only X, Y, Y and X. In 4 different manners, against same enemies everytime. Enemies that are nothing special, aside the bosses. Sometimes I’ve tried to just push randomly but only got worse. The platform parts are more boring than the fighting and the top of boredom were the few puzzles. All of this because of Capcom. I would love this game as Life is Strange version. Only memories and walking exploration. Maybe some stealth parts (like The Last of Us).

I’ll keep this as a close one to my heart because I can picture the game original concept and how awesome it could be.

Maybe a reboot in the future?? Crossing fingers.


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I like things that tell me a story. Games, movies, books, music, etc. Having a good time with a story is something that I really appreciate.

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