Game – Uprising: Join or Die

It took me 19 years to finish the campaign on this game. I first played by the year 2000, on my family first pc. Pentium 3, 64 ram, 32 vram, 4gb drive, W98…Good Old Games.

I had this game for a while on a cd. Bought it on the old CD Expert magazine, actually it came with a small colletcion, with 2 or 3 games more.

By that age I couldn’t understand the complexity of the game to the point to be very productive with the missions, but now, with 32 years old, I’ve finally managed to get the grip of it and closed the campaing.

The game is about a commander that drives a war tank equipped with lasers, missiles and such, plus you have to estabilish citadels and manage other units, like other tanks and aircrafts. Turret placements, bombardement and some other warfares are included.

The game has not aged well, but the gameplay is somehow satisfyng, the story is basically non-existent (you are the commander, go there and conquer before the bad guys conquer the planet, no cut scenes, no texts, etc).

Ohhhh, feels good to finally managed to beat this one. Moving on to the next GOG!


Game – Far Cry : Blood Dragon

A very good shooter, especially if you like the 80’s/early 90’s pop culture setting.

Flashy neon lights out of everywhere, US action movies cliches all over the place and the good gameplay design from Far Cry 3.

Good for just turning the brain down, let all the non-sense script of an old 80’s action movie get control and shoot stuff, no mercy or remorse. Fun. Lots of fun.

Game – Remember Me

Sometimes, when I think a game can be a pretty good one, but have some major flaws, I try do research around it. And in the case of Remember Me I’ve found the issue. The game had it’s developement cancelled and picked up by another publisher. The game clearly shows what it meant to be, but also shows what the new publisher changed, and it almost became a hell boring game.

Starting as a Cyberpunk RPG, focused on philosiphical discussion about human memories, losses and deep fellings, it endend as a action button-smash-betean-up with some really small and uninspiring puzzles.

The art, the environments the details about the world, the dialogs, the conclusion, all of this saved this messed up game. It’s so beautiful to just walk around and appreciate the view (for the ones who enjoy this futuristic cyberpunk theme), engange with the npcs and such.

But the fighting, oh gosh, the fucking fighthing. It’s boring! Only 4 possible combos???? Only X, Y, Y and X. In 4 different manners, against same enemies everytime. Enemies that are nothing special, aside the bosses. Sometimes I’ve tried to just push randomly but only got worse. The platform parts are more boring than the fighting and the top of boredom were the few puzzles. All of this because of Capcom. I would love this game as Life is Strange version. Only memories and walking exploration. Maybe some stealth parts (like The Last of Us).

I’ll keep this as a close one to my heart because I can picture the game original concept and how awesome it could be.

Maybe a reboot in the future?? Crossing fingers.

Run run run, I’m running running running, run run run…

Outlast 2 is the game I’ve ran most in my life. Stealth? Strategy? Smart choices?? No no no. Run little girl. Just run. You can run the whole game. You should run the whole game.

Eventually you will be mandatory dead, even running. But run.

Storytelling side is good. Sometimes confusing, sometimes you just want to run (yes again) to reach the end of the chapter just have some glimpse of understanding.

Yes, same thing as the first, you got nothing but cameras and batteries.

It has a beautiful scenario, even at the most dark times. Yes the story is rich and you have to read, a lot. And yes, some awnsers will only come on DLC, because, yes.

But, I would give game this game a refereal, yes. It has pretty most of the features for this kind of game. Chasers, darkness, running, mid-story plot twists, defenless feelling, running, jump scares, gore, very insane “people”, running.

It was a nice (yes!!!, again) run!!

I don’t know if will be playing again, but I’m looking forward a DLC.

A new tenant in the house

Yes, a new resident, and it’s EVIL!!!!

I really enjoyed this new fresh breath in the franchise.

Top visuals, top environment, smooth gameplay, a hell damned crazy family of bastards that want to mess with your head AND body.

A “abandoned” house, in the swamps, a girlfriend gone missing, a bio-weapon, guns to shoot, what’s not to like? Everything put without much of a fuzz, just go there and figure out what’s going on.

Despite being a “Resident” from a long term franchise, this one could have been launched with any other title name that it would enjoyable. The “Resident” here helps to tie the loose ends and such.

I’ll hook for sure on the DLC’s as soon as “full package” releases.

The Bright Lord Of The Rings

With the announcement of the upcoming Shadow of War release date, my hype is now over 9000!

So I decided to finish the DLC campaing of Shadow of Mordor, The Bright Lord.

A very nice prologue story, wich also enlightened me about Sauron and The One Ring.

Celebrindor pretty much plays like Talion, with the exception of Focus during archering shots.

The plot is simple and show how Celebrindor risen to power and fell to his death, being cursed and who did it.

Very nice, got me more hyped for August, 2017, when the new game will be released.


Assassin’s Creed Unity. A giant mess when first arrived, a beautiful experience in the end.

Even against the odds, all the bugs, glitches, bad reviews, bad story (for real), it’s still so nice to run around old Paris and kill and assassinate, and kill and assassinate one more time.

The work the devs put on this game is amazing, the most beautiful scenario I’ve seen so far. Sometimes just running on top of Paris’ houses and other buildings was enough for me to feel the game.

The story is too simple for me enjoy and the only thing I could appreciate was the gorgeous red hair girl.

Being this one the first Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played I can say it’s worth in a sale (the way I got it btw) and your computer can handle all the beauty.

I’ll enjoy going back to Paris again to play the DLC.