John “badass” McClane

The guy that saves the day, in the most awesome possible way!

The thing is, Jonh can’t die, so it shouldn’t be Die Hard. Should be Die NEVER.

I’m really glad that my sweet lady talked me into watch movies from the 90s and 80s, because they’re awesome. The first Die Hard trio is so, sooooo cool. It’s pure action with some touch of comedy and very little cliche romance.

Well, can’t help enjoying theses movies so hard. Best thing to do on a lonely rainy friday/saturday night is to watch classic Die Hard movies, with lots of pizza and coke!!

Yiipp kay!

Santa tartaruga!

One of my childhood beloved heroes are back!

I couldn’t expect less from they and they proved I was right. Except the fact that April wasn’t a redhead, all things from the past were there.

One thing that I really liked is that they didn’t make this a child-oriented movie. It’s way more focused in the action. The downhill fight is stunning.

Talking about stunning things, what can I say about the motherfucker-badass-ultimate-evil-from-hell Shredder??? They made a fantastic work on him. Almost invincible.

After the movie, only a pizza from Pizza Hut could end flawlessly the session.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

The badassbles

A movie with 2 gigatons of tnt and testosterone is what you get. All the most cliche scenes from a classic action movie is here and still you feel like it’s a fresh piece.

Movie one was like “here we go, let’s take the shit we’ve done in the past and put here”. Movie 2 is the “ok we got it, now let’s put some light mood here, some jokes there, increase the action scenes length” and boom! Bull’s eye. The last piece is where you got the felling that “nice, very nice, well this ends well and if they come back, we’ll be here to watch again”.

The newcomers in the last movie were nice, but for me felt like they could do the mission without them. Except for Galgo. Galgo is the best touch they added, so much fun.

It’s a broforce, man, broforce!!!

Expendables 3
Expendables 3

Ape don’t kill Ape

What a nice story about apes and men. You can relate that to the “tribes” we have in the real world. Every tribe has its rules, its ways and no-ways, but we just one individual to mess up everything, only one.

Sounds weird to me apes talking almost like humans, but I imagine that if the movie was made only with “natural” communication between the apes it would be so fucking boring. Maybe it would be like a discovery channel show plus guns and falling towers.

I didn’t watch the other movies, but it’s nice because this is the beginning of everything, so bring it on!

The acting voice for Ceasar is so great, especially after I found out that a guy made it, not a computer.

And those big gorillas with the ass face, those are scary!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A new old one

A old story told in a new way. Like me, who was a child by the time I heard the old one, the old story is for sure a story for children. But this new one is a grown up. I see that even the “adults” can learn from fairy tales.

Maleficent is a fantastic movie, specially if you are familiar with the old tale of the sleeping beauty. The simplicity of it got me really hard. I think they put a little of everything for a fairy tale with great feeling. Can’t say that there’s too much of this or that. Equilibrium.

The story itself, when compared to the original, is a winner. The title change is very accurate, after all we’re not listening a tale about a princess but we’re being told a tale about a fairy who struggles within human feelings and yet can find the way to fight the dark ones.

Great time for me.


47 minutes more

It would be nice if the movie 47 Ronin had 47 minutes more. If they spent that time to produce some better fighting scenes, some philosophy around samurai (for example, the bushido, which is mentioned once in the movie) or even showing more details around the use of the samurai sword.

Besides these downsteps, I can point some more! Yay! Keanu Reeves, yeah, Neo, was there and they didn’t give him a nice role. No deep lines, no deep action. He is there only to be the “good guy”. Boring. Want more? No fucking blood!!! The samurai drenched in blood at those old eras.

Well, they got a good story, for sure, but they produced it poorly. The trailer has the best of what the movie offers. Better stay with the trailer only! Dammit, I had high hopes for this one.

The FX were pretty nice. The blueish swords were a nice touch, as everything else. No extreme, exaggerated special effects everywhere. Just the essential.

After all, the end is pretty cool, really liked it. I can say now it’s a worth watch.

And I can agree with Kai:

“I’ll search for you in a thousand lives…”

*a tear runs through*

47 Ronin
47 Ronin