A pray on the book of fun

Man, I’m so glad people and companies are producing fun stuff yet. Preacher is like a bless with all those shallow sitcoms or political power swappers or zombish shows.

It is like the city the show takes place. Tiny but with lots of mistery and FUN.

A vampire that rains from sky and eat a cow? Yeah. An angel who does not die after being brutal murdered and reborns with a new body almost instantly? 3 for start. A literally ass-face guy??? Please!

I could go on, but I it’s so good to watch and figure out everything that I’ll leave it a mistery for now.

Imagine if Tarantino would ever make a TV show. Better, don’t. Go watch Preacher.

Now I will look for the comics to get more about this very nice story!





Hail King Ragnar

A tv series with one episode that made me cry. That same episode made look stupid. The character of the show made me look like a fool.

Hail king Ragnar!

This series is one of those that is somehow unique. Maybe it’s the storyline that don’t become slow paced, wandering over infinite little arcs that overlap in time, or maybe because IT’S FUCKING VIKINGS DOING VIKING STUFF!!!

Odin! Axe! Blood! Sex! Ale! Feast! What more can be said? What more is needed??

Okay, let us try a farmer who wants to see the world and is cleaver enough, smart enough to become not only earl, but king, even when he doesn’t aim for that. And them let us try that almost everyone want his position and will fight him, commit treason against him, raid his property and much more going on.

All time favorite already! Anxious for the next season!

Everybody lies

It took almost 5 years for me to watch all seasons. Worth it.

By the third season it got a little boring. Too much of the same plot. Then the fun begins. Team changes, more personal plots involved, the story arch got more attention than the episode arch.

With House M.D. we can see how important is to focus. Test problems and solutions may bring up new perspectives. Sometimes give a break and let the mind just flow also helps.

Personal contact could may alter your judgment, changing your thoughts and you may lose objectivity. It’s hard to take risks when a friend or a loved one is the end middle of the process.

Lies. Everybody lies. When somebody starts to analyze you, diagnostic you, even if is not for medical reasons, you’ll try do hide what you think. Could be a something that makes you be shamed of, something that you believe is wrong or other people may think it is, or fuck up you and/or people related to you. It’s like dating or meeting new people. We always try to restart something, like “bad things” never happened. The worst case is when these lies hide something that is very important. Details. Details are simple things, but simple things are the one that make life worth (or in the House M.D. world, can save you).

To pay attention at simple things can be hard sometimes, we’re all drowned in the life’s routine, drowned in stress, sorrow or frustrated. It became something really hard to notice.

As a song by 30 Seconds to Mars: “Tell me, would kill to save a life?”. Well, would you LIE to save a life? Who has the control of your life decisions? Can you say that with a lie is worth to living it just for the sake of beingĀ alive?

Living in pain can also be an option. Would you take it? Everyday in physical pain, would you? I believe that pain and suffering can bring personal grow, but is it necessary to be everyday? Even if it’s not physical, but emotional pain? Where’s the equilibrium gone?

Results. Does results matter more than the path we walked? Maybe. As it might be not only one, we may have not only one thing to deal with at the end.

And why we only try find time to other people when we know our last day’s date? Everybody dies, but does knowing the exact day may change you?

I hope to enjoy all that I can.

Dr. Gregory House
Dr. Gregory House

p.s.: if I would have to make a hero list, Gregory House is the newest addition to it.