Tides of love

It’s been a while since a read a entire book. Thanks to my dear love, who gave me the book World of Warcraft: Tides of War, I’m once again willing to read books!

This Tides of War is a nice mix of Romance and some Adventure. A little war going on here and there, a lot of gaming reference (thanks to the World of Warcraft background), and at the end love’s in the air.

I found myself very comfortable reading it because I’ve played a lot of WoW (World of Warcraft) and the book is meant to be read by people who play the game. Not that “regular” people can’t read or won’t understand the book, but it makes a lot of difference to know the background of what’s going on in the story.

I would recommend the book to “regular” people. It could be a little “out-of-space” sometimes but for sure you can enjoy. You can leave and the “magic-elfs-orcs” stuff behind and look for the actions, the sentiments, the plots and have a nice story.

At the beginning I felt so weird reading it. It’s a book about a game. Usually it’s the other way around. After some research, I found that this has been done sice a long time ago, specially in the Warcraft series. How could I missed so much fun?

After I finished I jumped right into the game to check the places that the book mention. Looking for details, people and changes. The book actually made me play the game again! I was on a break for unlimited time. The book made me feel at home in the world of Azeroth (the “earth” in the game).

Now I’m looking forward to read any other book about the Warcraft’s lore. If all the games had books telling the story with more details would be so cool, but I think it would also rip-off the story from the games. The books may fit better this kind of game (MMORPGs) because they focus a lot more in the gameplay, the controls, the features of the game instead of the storytelling.

I think the next one will be World of Warcraft: Shadow of The Horde!

Tides of War
Tides of War

Minor’s presentation

Minoralph is my first and main character (or toon as some may call it) in the game World of Warcraft (WoW).

Actually it is the second one when I count the one that I created back in the demo version. The demo version toon was named Cunha and was a male night-elf hunter.

Well, Minoralph is a human warrior. He is named after the name of my young brother’s toon, Gradalph. Gradalph is the name of a sword in the universe of the anime/game Digimon. It’s an adaptation from the original name of the sword: Gradalpha. So, as we decided to role-play as brothers in the game, I took the opposite of grad: Minor. Put the “alph” after it and then Minoralph was born.

Warriors in general are a common class in tons of games and they are supposed to be a flat/balanced role/class to start with. So I thought: let’s go with it just to “see what happens”.┬áTurned out I still playing with him (actually I’m not currently playing WoW at the time I write this, but it’s a temporary call off).┬áThe warrior class is not easy to master. It seems to be a “hack n’ slash” option, but to top it’s mechanics requires a good time playing and reading about it to finally achieve.

It’s been 3 years since I started to play WoW. I Learned a lot with it. I met very nice people and expanded a vast number of skills. Maybe in the next expansion I might log in again.

The first year and a half playing WoW I’m pretty sure that I didn’t play other game. WoW has a lot of objectives to complete, lot of activities that keep you playing again, over and over. In that year and a half I played only with Minoralph. My favorite time was when I joined the raiding group. Gathering with 9 other people to slay “internet dragons”? Hellyeah! One of the best moments ever! Specially when those 9 people don’t speak your native language. What a challenge! And a learning experience at the same time.


I would love to see Minoralph, or Minor as the raid leader used to call him, joining a group of people willing to have fun while smashing the keyboard keys against digital monters and talking about many kind of things. Good times.