A new tenant in the house

Yes, a new resident, and it’s EVIL!!!!

I really enjoyed this new fresh breath in the franchise.

Top visuals, top environment, smooth gameplay, a hell damned crazy family of bastards that want to mess with your head AND body.

A “abandoned” house, in the swamps, a girlfriend gone missing, a bio-weapon, guns to shoot, what’s not to like? Everything put without much of a fuzz, just go there and figure out what’s going on.

Despite being a “Resident” from a long term franchise, this one could have been launched with any other title name that it would enjoyable. The “Resident” here helps to tie the loose ends and such.

I’ll hook for sure on the DLC’s as soon as “full package” releases.



My daaaarrling! Hewie! Fiiiona!

To be a scared girl in a crazy spooky castle with more crazy people haunting you it’s fucking nice. You can fell the panic, even more with the panic system gameplay they put in. And not being able to see the level of health and or panic with bars and meters makes it more distressing.

The story is not that deep, as we see in Silent Hill for example, but for sure has its own mystery and makes you keep going to see how it ends.

Loved this game. This ‘old’ style of making survival horrors is so cool, specially because you don’t feel overpowered, but the opposite. You really have to run to the hills!

The pet helping and the pet able to be used to finish puzzles is also cool. I think Hewie is the real hero here.

I’d love to play this game in HD, I hope that one day Capcom will release it on PSN, like Resident Evil 4 HD.

Run Fiona, RUN!

Haunting Ground
Haunting Ground