The death guys are out, and dead, and I killed them!! Oh…wait…well, anyway, I killed the death angels, reapers, maidens, ghosts, spirits, and whatever moves. The expansion of Diablo 3 made me like this franchise again. I really didn’t pay much attention to the story, I was eager to see the Adventure Mode and to get the legen…dary loot!

The game got back in it’s series roots, with all that gore, dark, scary environment, where you don’t feel bad of being bad.

Some revenge here and there. Some philosophical aspects here and there, like “Only death will end the eternal conflict”, by the reaper angel, Malthael.

After the not-so-short-but-could-be-longer campaign, I could enjoy the click-dead-loot fest. Very, very nice mode, simple quests, kill things, grow your levels, grow your gear, grow your skills, grow the difficult, have fun and done!

I’m hoping to get the console version to get the fabulous no-lag-screw-the-lame-internet-connection version of this (now) awesome game!

See you in the death realm!

Reaper of Souls
Reaper of Souls