A new tenant in the house

Yes, a new resident, and it’s EVIL!!!!

I really enjoyed this new fresh breath in the franchise.

Top visuals, top environment, smooth gameplay, a hell damned crazy family of bastards that want to mess with your head AND body.

A “abandoned” house, in the swamps, a girlfriend gone missing, a bio-weapon, guns to shoot, what’s not to like? Everything put without much of a fuzz, just go there and figure out what’s going on.

Despite being a “Resident” from a long term franchise, this one could have been launched with any other title name that it would enjoyable. The “Resident” here helps to tie the loose ends and such.

I’ll hook for sure on the DLC’s as soon as “full package” releases.


Core guardian

Back to the tower defense. Actually core defense. Feels like an improvement but I missed stuff from the first game. Namely I might say the slowing paths and the weapon upgrades.

The classes (now we have them) are a good change of pace, also graphics are way better. New weapons, not so new towers, new enemies (love & hate case with bosses) and the thing that I hated the most: 15 fucking towers ONLY. I mean, whaaat??? I loved to build and endless corridor of violators in the first instance.

Anyway, this game grows on you. Now we got experience and levels, which brings unlockables. Almost forgot to mention the perks. Passive skills that may modify the way you play?? Yes, please!!!

Really liked this entry and hoping for a third installment. I’ve got to look at the DLCs, but DLCs are a future setting for me now. I must stick with the list.

I’ve played the multiplayer also, which I found that was harder and the stupid (or not) shared tower limitation always stood in the way.

Well, the core is safe, but it’s not the good thing. They add also some background story, and a reasonable one. A petty it’s not made with CG or even with the engine. Only comics, Max Payne style.

8 out 10.

Core defense

Sometimes I just need a simple challenge, not think about long and complex story development.

Something like Counter-Strike. Just follow the guts, and by guts, I mean the cross hair.

Buuuuut, we can add some strategy here and there, some music, a core to defend and we a got a game that entertained me for good hours.

Really simple, really fun. Looking forward to play the sequel.