Assassin’s Creed Unity. A giant mess when first arrived, a beautiful experience in the end.

Even against the odds, all the bugs, glitches, bad reviews, bad story (for real), it’s still so nice to run around old Paris and kill and assassinate, and kill and assassinate one more time.

The work the devs put on this game is amazing, the most beautiful scenario I’ve seen so far. Sometimes just running on top of Paris’ houses and other buildings was enough for me to feel the game.

The story is too simple for me enjoy and the only thing I could appreciate was the gorgeous red hair girl.

Being this one the first Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played I can say it’s worth in a sale (the way I got it btw) and your computer can handle all the beauty.

I’ll enjoy going back to Paris again to play the DLC.


The Bat DLCish

This entry of the series could have been a nice DLC for the Arkhan City, even being a little too lengthy for a DLC.

What we have here are 8 iconic villains from the Bat comic stories and they need to be beaten. Simple like that.

The scenarios look like a snowy Arkhan City setting and don’t have that darkish mood from the 2 previous entries.

As we got new toys, like the detective rewind/reconstruct history mode, the game still very interesting and fun to play.

Still Batman, still lots of fun, still nice to beat dumb people down, still nice to play “in da shadows”.

Shadow of fun

Slaying monsters, what a nice thing to do. May it be your personal demons or just ugly pixels in the screen. Never felt so rewarded by doing digital slashes on green moving beings.

With a story that only worth the last minutes, you can pretty much use this game to relax and enjoy the endless horde of stupid orcs dying around you.

The view is also enjoyable, a small world, but beautiful and not too complex.

A easy and really fun game.

The fun to rule them all.