The Bright Lord Of The Rings

With the announcement of the upcoming Shadow of War release date, my hype is now over 9000!

So I decided to finish the DLC campaing of Shadow of Mordor, The Bright Lord.

A very nice prologue story, wich also enlightened me about Sauron and The One Ring.

Celebrindor pretty much plays like Talion, with the exception of Focus during archering shots.

The plot is simple and show how Celebrindor risen to power and fell to his death, being cursed and who did it.

Very nice, got me more hyped for August, 2017, when the new game will be released.


And the dust settles

I love simple things. Dust an Elysian Tail is a simple game with a simple story, a simple gameplay, simple protagonists and it’s simply awesome!

Can you imagine a being made of the souls of two others? And it still be a third unique one? But what you do when you start to discover what you’ve done and where do you came from? And being from 2 opposing sides of a war? And both sides call you a good friend, a loyal partner?

The devs made a brilliant work. It’s kind of a peace of cake if you learn how to kill things fast. Puzzles are really easy, can’t even call them puzzles.

As I’m in love with 2D platform games right now, this one was a head shot.

The anime alike design felt so great, even with the silly humor from the flying fox.

A nice short simple tale.

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Dust: An Elysian Tail

You’re a thief…and a liar! -Gollum

A dark foggy London-alike old city it’s a perfect place for a great stealth-mystery-love-well-done game!

A game you can play in many different ways, has a nice (not epic) story and a very good gameplay. Worth every penny spent on it.

Thief made me start look for more stealth games, like the Metal Gear series. I have only to thank the youtuber Zangado (, because he did the “first 30 minutes” of the game and it really made me buy this game.

The environment, the ambiance, they feel so fucking right. I felt so drowned in the shadows, I wanted to be like a ghost. However, as I first-flight player for this style of games, I didn’t make a good ghost, or even an opportunist. I got to kill most of the enemies. And it was not bad at all.

I loved the bow and its many types of arrows. A water arrow? Never crossed my mind! When you hit the critical point and the camera follows the arrow into the foe’s brain? So nice!!!

And the broken-heart couple? How can you do something like this and not be that much cliche? Well, the devs made it! Now I want more or this. I’m hoping they make a sequel.

11 out of 10 for the fun!