Slash, slash again, cut it out, retaliate, and finally split it in any number of slices do you want. Welcome, Jack The Ripper!

Metal Gear was one the game series I’ve heard a lot through the years ┬ábut never got enough of my attention that made me play it.

Then I found myself dying to play the game: Metal Gear Rising (MGR): Revengeance. The trailer of it on Steam just blew my mind so bad that I watched it a hell lot of times, just waiting for the day of release. The music in the trailer was so cool.

And then the game came to life (for PC) and I played it. Not a lot, but enough to finish the story. Cool story, cool fights, cool music (heavy metal!! hellyeah!!!), nice graphics. The whole game is awesome. Nice time playing. Not too easy, not too hard.

The thing I could bring some light upon is the dialogues. MGR has a bunch of them and most of it can make you think for while, especially the ones with the “bad guys”. Raiden, the lightning bolt cyborgue seems to so be “perfect”. A hell of a fighter but still lacking some inspiration. That inspiration comes with the path walked during the game, the decisions that Jack had to make and the paradoxes that some of the “bad ones” talked.

War is the theme behind, the will to fight and how much money you can make with a single war.

Well, I could slash and think. Awesome game!

Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance - Jack, The Ripper
Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance – Jack, The Ripper