The Bright Lord Of The Rings

With the announcement of the upcoming Shadow of War release date, my hype is now over 9000!

So I decided to finish the DLC campaing of Shadow of Mordor, The Bright Lord.

A very nice prologue story, wich also enlightened me about Sauron and The One Ring.

Celebrindor pretty much plays like Talion, with the exception of Focus during archering shots.

The plot is simple and show how Celebrindor risen to power and fell to his death, being cursed and who did it.

Very nice, got me more hyped for August, 2017, when the new game will be released.


Shadow of fun

Slaying monsters, what a nice thing to do. May it be your personal demons or just ugly pixels in the screen. Never felt so rewarded by doing digital slashes on green moving beings.

With a story that only worth the last minutes, you can pretty much use this game to relax and enjoy the endless horde of stupid orcs dying around you.

The view is also enjoyable, a small world, but beautiful and not too complex.

A easy and really fun game.

The fun to rule them all.