Assassin’s Creed Unity. A giant mess when first arrived, a beautiful experience in the end.

Even against the odds, all the bugs, glitches, bad reviews, bad story (for real), it’s still so nice to run around old Paris and kill and assassinate, and kill and assassinate one more time.

The work the devs put on this game is amazing, the most beautiful scenario I’ve seen so far. Sometimes just running on top of Paris’ houses and other buildings was enough for me to feel the game.

The story is too simple for me enjoy and the only thing I could appreciate was the gorgeous red hair girl.

Being this one the first Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played I can say it’s worth in a sale (the way I got it btw) and your computer can handle all the beauty.

I’ll enjoy going back to Paris again to play the DLC.


Hey bats

“Heya, Bats”. Playing this “I wish I was a stealth-action-dark game” was fun. Nothing really impressive, I almost let it go. It could have more of stealth-catch-you-by-the-ass scenarios or more ways to use all the bat-arsenal.

The devs had a bat-belt of possibilities but only near the very end you start to use all the features that can be used by the dark knight. Too simple.

Too much of “Go from A to B, watch cutscene, go back to B, find a hole and get out”. The combat is pretty dull against 3 to 5 opponents, and the big guys have only one mechanic that make them bite the dust. Only the last fights felt like “Yeah, this is challenging”. And the bosses? Only one worth the title of “boss”, and a hot one!!! Yes, I would kiss Ivy.

The collectibles are a pretty neat addition, lots of info and very nice for people who like to know the basics from the Bat-story. The cutscenes are pretty good, the voice acting too.

Graphically talking it is damn awesome. Nice work. Shame a spent too much time in detective mode and couldn’t appreciate more of the real visuals.

Now I gotta jump to the next chapters, I’m full of Joker and his jokes, let’s beat more shit up.

Honored Killer

Sometimes you just want to stick your knife through your nemesis throat. Unseen could be a premise, but the important thing is to get things done.

A game that rewards exploration, reward non-assassin rush and a hell of patience on trying to be a ghost is a very nice game. Fun, strategy, guts flying, tension, decisions, little girls in danger, lurking in the shadows, and I could go on.

I admit I was hoping for a darker environment, more realistic graphics and a pretty killer mood for the game, but turns out that even without that, the game hooked me for 5 days in a row.

Now I have to face the DLCs, but not today, I`ll wait for a rainy day when I got no new games to try (maybe never, lol).

I liked to be Corvo.

You’re a thief…and a liar! -Gollum

A dark foggy London-alike old city it’s a perfect place for a great stealth-mystery-love-well-done game!

A game you can play in many different ways, has a nice (not epic) story and a very good gameplay. Worth every penny spent on it.

Thief made me start look for more stealth games, like the Metal Gear series. I have only to thank the youtuber Zangado (, because he did the “first 30 minutes” of the game and it really made me buy this game.

The environment, the ambiance, they feel so fucking right. I felt so drowned in the shadows, I wanted to be like a ghost. However, as I first-flight player for this style of games, I didn’t make a good ghost, or even an opportunist. I got to kill most of the enemies. And it was not bad at all.

I loved the bow and its many types of arrows. A water arrow? Never crossed my mind! When you hit the critical point and the camera follows the arrow into the foe’s brain? So nice!!!

And the broken-heart couple? How can you do something like this and not be that much cliche? Well, the devs made it! Now I want more or this. I’m hoping they make a sequel.

11 out of 10 for the fun!


The marked one

Mark of the ninja has now a special place within me. This game showed me that video-games don’t need extreme graphics, high tech environments, super real details. A simple 2d world with well thought mechanics, a OK story, nice artwork and bam! A high enjoyable game.

It made me remind of the old school games from the 8bit and 16bit generations. Like Sonic, Mario and a hell lot of others.

The game even made me enjoy a new (for me) style of game, the stealth one. Not everything is about going on forward and slash everyone. No more “kill!kill!kill!kill!kill!”. It was different for me. I’ve playing survival games, Silent Hill series for example, and I think they helped a lot to enjoy this less-action oriented style of game. I’ll talk about Silent Hill later.

I’ve not finished the game yet, but it’s cool, so fun to play it that I felt I needed to write about it.

The sounds, oh the sounds. Steps, rain, thunder, foe’s voices, the kills. They are so well made that I really felt being there, even it’s a 2d world. The ambiance is perfect, the gameplay and the movements make you fell like a real ninja!

MOTN made me not want to kill by just slicing the foes right way. Now I want grab them and hang so the other can be terrorized, I want to sneak in airs ducts and kill from behind, I want to drop the chandelier and make it seems like an accident. Bravo to this game. Bravo to the devs, bravo to Klei Entertainment.

Once I finished the game I’ll write a little more (or not).

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Mark Of The Ninja
Mark Of The Ninja