Run run run, I’m running running running, run run run…

Outlast 2 is the game I’ve ran most in my life. Stealth? Strategy? Smart choices?? No no no. Run little girl. Just run. You can run the whole game. You should run the whole game.

Eventually you will be mandatory dead, even running. But run.

Storytelling side is good. Sometimes confusing, sometimes you just want to run (yes again) to reach the end of the chapter just have some glimpse of understanding.

Yes, same thing as the first, you got nothing but cameras and batteries.

It has a beautiful scenario, even at the most dark times. Yes the story is rich and you have to read, a lot. And yes, some awnsers will only come on DLC, because, yes.

But, I would give game this game a refereal, yes. It has pretty most of the features for this kind of game. Chasers, darkness, running, mid-story plot twists, defenless feelling, running, jump scares, gore, very insane “people”, running.

It was a nice (yes!!!, again) run!!

I don’t know if will be playing again, but I’m looking forward a DLC.


Alan Awake

In the need of a Silent Hill game for the PC, here comes Alan Wake.

With the mix of a foggy city, Alone in the Dark bright lights, Stephen King aliens and twisted novels, Resident Evil shooting and some entertaining plot, bam! Alan Wake is made.

I’ve really enjoyed the game, even with it’s repetitive combat, dull environment exploring and sometimes empty puzzles. The narrative is a very strong point, at times it reminds a TV show, others a book being read, others a movie. A very unique narrative.

It’s a well made game, runs smooth on the PC, got great landscapes, sometimes I even stopped to enjoy the view.

I don’t know if I would play it again, but I’ll put it close to the “dear” ones in the collection. Especially because the lack of “Silent Hill kinda games” in the PC right now.

Beware the tuurngait

After I’ve played Amnesia – The Dark Descent, horror games don’t seem to put me to high levels of tension.

But this is from the company that made Amnesia, so it is supposed to be good.

And it is!

Not that scary and suspense builder, but story driven good. For me, at very moments, I could see where newer games got their stuff from.

Not a game that I’ll be playing again in a nigh future, but worth every nickel.

Now I’ve got to jump to the last part. The game was planned to be over by this chapter, but they made one more, so I will be playing it!


Old school even in it’s engine, Dreadout dishes a very good pleasant mix of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.

A few scary moments with a LOT of wandering around trying to figure out what to do next plus a lot of bugs and weird controls is what I got. Sometimes was frustrating and I felt like playing a beta game.

The only thing that I really like was the story end, where everything seems to connect. Shame it’s only in a cutscene where you can find answers for the plot.

I’m hoping that they make a sequel with new engine and more budget, or even a remake, so we can truly enjoy a modern survival horror.

The (many) Evil Within

So, steam sale (yay!) gotta grab some sugar, baby. Actually, some blood and gore!! Really, more like some stealth suspense aaaaaand at the very end, yay, CARNAGE!!!

The first dlc of the evil within feels more like an survival game than the core one. Kidman has only a flashlight and has to sneak around all the fucking time. The story is now being revealed and the pieces seems to clue to glue together nicely. I really liked this and it is way more paced than the main game.

Later, Kidman still trying to shutdown everything and she finally got a gun. Now I fell way less vulnerable. Although I kinda digged the first part, when I needed to be the sneaky peaky hero. This felt so much like the Bioshock Infinite DLCs, where they wrapped up the story end with a woman in stealth gameplay. Now I know the whole story and this a nice one. Kinda cliche with all the “bad/evil” big company trying to do some cruel actions here and there. Still, a fine modern survival horror that was missing from this generation.

For the end, a very nice option!!! Now we are the EVIL!!!! Loved to smash zombies head with a meat hammer!!! Blood everywhere!! A very simple upgrade system with some level of grind gameplay. Also another complementary story that is interesting and keeps you playing.


The Assignment
The Assignment
The Consequence
The Consequence

A machine for people

Well, Amnesia 2, or Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, it’s not a sequel and/or prequel of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. That said, I can go on.

The game follows the same lines of the first, especially in the storytelling, which is great, because is pretty much well done IMO. The player have the balance between tension, investigation, reading, running, puzzles, exploration and even philosophical reflection on top of all.

The gameplay changed a little from Dark Descent. Machine focus more on exploration, so you won’t be managing your light and your resources for it. Also, the light is more dim, the sounds are more present and the level design has expanded.

To play a game that at the end makes me think and reflect about life is something really amazing.

Can’t say much, but, this “machine” should be really started.

The apartament

Going on the sequence of the beloved Silent Hill series, the fourth entry of the series was a new breeze.

First person perspectives, a HQ, a stash, a follower that can kill shit, new places. Yeah, I really liked this one.

I don’t know why they didn’t put this one in the HD remix.

The stiff main character still there, lot of mysteries still there, intriguing plot still there, horrible monsters still there. But now I have an apartment of my own! And the apartment loves me! How cute??? A lot! Especially when it tries so hard to kill you!

Damn! I love this kind of games.