A new tenant in the house

Yes, a new resident, and it’s EVIL!!!!

I really enjoyed this new fresh breath in the franchise.

Top visuals, top environment, smooth gameplay, a hell damned crazy family of bastards that want to mess with your head AND body.

A “abandoned” house, in the swamps, a girlfriend gone missing, a bio-weapon, guns to shoot, what’s not to like? Everything put without much of a fuzz, just go there and figure out what’s going on.

Despite being a “Resident” from a long term franchise, this one could have been launched with any other title name that it would enjoyable. The “Resident” here helps to tie the loose ends and such.

I’ll hook for sure on the DLC’s as soon as “full package” releases.


Thinman, catch me in the woods

Slenderman,The arrival, The woods, The dark, The very tall and thin and using a suit man, The scary, The psycho hunt, The tension builder, The game I liked, The game I spent most time wandering, The game I don’t know I’ll replay it but I’m keeping installed.

Good run, good experience, short, with nice story, simple thumbs up!

The two of us

I think that we need to be selfish. As every other thing in life, we just need to balance it.

Why save the whole “mankind” so that all the struggle would come back in a rush?

I choose to stay with the ones I care. The others please stay away.

With beautiful scenarios, the story of Joel and Ellie may not be the most epic, but for sure has its “thing”. The thing that hook you until the end. I could see those two growing together, see them looking after each other more and more.

Worth every penny spent on it.

If a sequel won’t be released, I think it’s not a problem. The story begins and ends. That’s what I liked the most. You start, you strive, you end it.

Best moment: “Come here, baby girl”.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us