A new Jedi is born

Lara Croft is for sure a Jedi! I can’t believe how much that girl is put through! And she seems to be OK (at least on physical health).

Tomb Raider is now telling the beginning of the Lara’s tale. This is so cool because I’ve never played other Tomb Raider game.

The visuals are so beautiful. The forests really feel like a forest, the caves feel like a cave and so on. The tombs make you fell like that somebody died there a long time ago.

The combat is cool, not awesome like a Devil May Cry, but it’s not the main point of the game. The exploration is what makes you playing, and, of course, the story. If this game was a movie, it probably would be a huge hit!

Feels good to play a nice adventure game with a lot of exploration, some combat to not get bored, a cool story that makes me wanting to know the end and awesome visuals.

Maybe one day I’ll be replaying it to complete all the items that are there to be found, also to find all the “papers” with the pieces of the story.

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

p.s.: Lara is a fucking Jedi!