47 minutes more

It would be nice if the movie 47 Ronin had 47 minutes more. If they spent that time to produce some better fighting scenes, some philosophy around samurai (for example, the bushido, which is mentioned once in the movie) or even showing more details around the use of the samurai sword.

Besides these downsteps, I can point some more! Yay! Keanu Reeves, yeah, Neo, was there and they didn’t give him a nice role. No deep lines, no deep action. He is there only to be the “good guy”. Boring. Want more? No fucking blood!!! The samurai drenched in blood at those old eras.

Well, they got a good story, for sure, but they produced it poorly. The trailer has the best of what the movie offers. Better stay with the trailer only! Dammit, I had high hopes for this one.

The FX were pretty nice. The blueish swords were a nice touch, as everything else. No extreme, exaggerated special effects everywhere. Just the essential.

After all, the end is pretty cool, really liked it. I can say now it’s a worth watch.

And I can agree with Kai:

“I’ll search for you in a thousand lives…”

*a tear runs through*

47 Ronin
47 Ronin




Slash, slash again, cut it out, retaliate, and finally split it in any number of slices do you want. Welcome, Jack The Ripper!

Metal Gear was one the game series I’ve heard a lot through the years ┬ábut never got enough of my attention that made me play it.

Then I found myself dying to play the game: Metal Gear Rising (MGR): Revengeance. The trailer of it on Steam just blew my mind so bad that I watched it a hell lot of times, just waiting for the day of release. The music in the trailer was so cool.

And then the game came to life (for PC) and I played it. Not a lot, but enough to finish the story. Cool story, cool fights, cool music (heavy metal!! hellyeah!!!), nice graphics. The whole game is awesome. Nice time playing. Not too easy, not too hard.

The thing I could bring some light upon is the dialogues. MGR has a bunch of them and most of it can make you think for while, especially the ones with the “bad guys”. Raiden, the lightning bolt cyborgue seems to so be “perfect”. A hell of a fighter but still lacking some inspiration. That inspiration comes with the path walked during the game, the decisions that Jack had to make and the paradoxes that some of the “bad ones” talked.

War is the theme behind, the will to fight and how much money you can make with a single war.

Well, I could slash and think. Awesome game!

Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance - Jack, The Ripper
Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance – Jack, The Ripper

Nice travel

Finished another book. Now from a classic writer (to me at least). Paulo Coelho’s Aleph it is.

Paulo is the first writer that I read more than one book. I Started with Brida, but was The Alchemist that made the magic happen.

Well, almost 10 years passed since the first book. I read a lot more, basically all of them. I loved The Witch of Portobello, the way that book was written.

Aleph fells more like a “Greatest Hits” book, putting together almost every theme from the others.

At the middle of it I felt like “different day, same shit”, but at the end it got a sweeter mood and the story felt “in place” to me.

Not one book that I’ll be recommending, but a good time reading and bethinking about some parts.

Nice travel, I might say.


Tides of love

It’s been a while since a read a entire book. Thanks to my dear love, who gave me the book World of Warcraft: Tides of War, I’m once again willing to read books!

This Tides of War is a nice mix of Romance and some Adventure. A little war going on here and there, a lot of gaming reference (thanks to the World of Warcraft background), and at the end love’s in the air.

I found myself very comfortable reading it because I’ve played a lot of WoW (World of Warcraft) and the book is meant to be read by people who play the game. Not that “regular” people can’t read or won’t understand the book, but it makes a lot of difference to know the background of what’s going on in the story.

I would recommend the book to “regular” people. It could be a little “out-of-space” sometimes but for sure you can enjoy. You can leave and the “magic-elfs-orcs” stuff behind and look for the actions, the sentiments, the plots and have a nice story.

At the beginning I felt so weird reading it. It’s a book about a game. Usually it’s the other way around. After some research, I found that this has been done sice a long time ago, specially in the Warcraft series. How could I missed so much fun?

After I finished I jumped right into the game to check the places that the book mention. Looking for details, people and changes. The book actually made me play the game again! I was on a break for unlimited time. The book made me feel at home in the world of Azeroth (the “earth” in the game).

Now I’m looking forward to read any other book about the Warcraft’s lore. If all the games had books telling the story with more details would be so cool, but I think it would also rip-off the story from the games. The books may fit better this kind of game (MMORPGs) because they focus a lot more in the gameplay, the controls, the features of the game instead of the storytelling.

I think the next one will be World of Warcraft: Shadow of The Horde!

Tides of War
Tides of War

A new Jedi is born

Lara Croft is for sure a Jedi! I can’t believe how much that girl is put through! And she seems to be OK (at least on physical health).

Tomb Raider is now telling the beginning of the Lara’s tale. This is so cool because I’ve never played other Tomb Raider game.

The visuals are so beautiful. The forests really feel like a forest, the caves feel like a cave and so on. The tombs make you fell like that somebody died there a long time ago.

The combat is cool, not awesome like a Devil May Cry, but it’s not the main point of the game. The exploration is what makes you playing, and, of course, the story. If this game was a movie, it probably would be a huge hit!

Feels good to play a nice adventure game with a lot of exploration, some combat to not get bored, a cool story that makes me wanting to know the end and awesome visuals.

Maybe one day I’ll be replaying it to complete all the items that are there to be found, also to find all the “papers” with the pieces of the story.

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

p.s.: Lara is a fucking Jedi!