Not so silent snow

Silence in the Snow is for Trivium what Load is to Metallica.

It’s a break, a milestone, a new era to the band carrer.

Simply put, no screaming. Only clean and/or slightly harsh singing.

And it’s good. Not epic, but fine. The songwritting also changed a bit. Simplified structure, shorter lengths and slower beats.

The song I liked the most is one of the bonus one, The Darkness Of My Mind. That song has a dark, sorrow like feeling, a somehow confort found inside the suffering of our minds. Matt just hit right in my feelings.

What really shakes my head is the groove of songs like Dead and Gone and Pull Me From The Void, with their lower tunning and mid paced rhythm.

Until The World Goes Cold is a THE masterpiece of Trivium. The video of this song is also a pretty nice piece to watch, specially when I caught a glimpse of Brazil’s flag. This is like a tribute to all the hardworking they’ve been putting through all this years trying to make a living from the art they enjoy¬†making. So much feelings around this song.

All around, good melodies, really good ones, like you can sing them easily after one or two listenings. The new drummer is also so good, like he isn’t there to just show off, he understands what the songs are supposed to be and deliver the right beat so nicely.

Wrapping up, a fresh title on the Trivium’s album set, best melodies I’ve seen lately, awesome drumming and a strong record at all.




The Bat DLCish

This entry of the series could have been a nice DLC for the Arkhan City, even being a little too lengthy for a DLC.

What we have here are 8 iconic villains from the Bat comic stories and they need to be beaten. Simple like that.

The scenarios look like a snowy Arkhan City setting and don’t have that darkish mood from the 2 previous entries.

As we got new toys, like the detective rewind/reconstruct history mode, the game still very interesting and fun to play.

Still Batman, still lots of fun, still nice to beat dumb people down, still nice to play “in da shadows”.

Thinman, catch me in the woods

Slenderman,The arrival, The woods, The dark, The very tall and thin and using a suit man, The scary, The psycho hunt, The tension builder, The game I liked, The game I spent most time wandering, The game I don’t know I’ll replay it but I’m keeping installed.

Good run, good experience, short, with nice story, simple thumbs up!